"I was already drawn in by the spooky guitars and mean distortion, but it’s her crazy inflections that really make this track special."

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"The result is a listen that’s enthralling and one that makes me very excited to hear where Edited People go next”

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 Modern Hip-Hop inspired beats are brewed with potent guitar lines and fierce bass to forge a dominant sound with which Edited People are quickly becoming associated with. Enticing and often haunting vocal   lines will leave you both captivated and obsessed. Edited People’s vigorous live shows induce hysteria amongst fans.

 The bands upcoming single ‘What I Want’ is a prime example of their signature sound. Expect a badass track that promises to have every inch of you captivated. 

 Edited People are fast becoming a prominent force in the Leeds music scene performing a succession of sold out shows alongside big names such as, Hands off Gretel, Dilly Dally, Bang Bang Romeo etc.